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Exclude yourself from playing the Unique Lottery

Self Exclusion

Lottery Exclusion Form

Unity will not target you with marketing material at any time during the self-exclusion. We will take steps to remove your name and details from any marketing databases used by ourselves. We will close any membership of an individual who has entered a self-exclusion agreement and return any funds held in your name. We have put into effect the following procedures to ensure that anyone who has self-excluded cannot gain access to the lottery.

  • A register of those excluded with appropriate records (name, address, lottery number, and any other appropriate comments).
  • Staff training to ensure that staff are able to recognise and enforce the system.
  • An individual must take positive action in order to self-exclude by way of a signature.
  • The self-exclusion period is a minimum of six months (giving members the option of extending this if they so wish)
  • The self-excluded member must take positive action to be removed from the self-exclusion and be able to enter the lottery at a future date.
  • Upon notification, the player will be given a one day cooling off period before being allowed access to the lottery.
  • The record of the self-exclusion will remain on file until the agreement has been formally ended.

Please fill in the following form if you wish to be excluded from our lotteries:

Download Self-Exclusion Form